Know the Artist

The Artist painter Nahla Nofal, Nahlaincolors official website

Nahla Nofal is a full-time artist, born in Giza, Egypt in 1979,  began art classes in France, where she detected her appetite, passion and discerning eye for art. 

Being comfortable at rendering in oil paint, she has a distinct style and eye for artistic creation expressly for figures utilizing vibrant techniques of complimentary colors, her oil paintings are an inside reflection of the image she see the world.

Michel de Matteis who is a renown French Artist taught her in Les ateliers terreaux of Lyon, this helped expand her knowledge on art. Without further ado, art galleries and museums, became her second home.

Nahla presented on February 2019, her masterpiece at the exposition of Artwork held by the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Monplaisir.

By the end of 2019, stirred by her beloved supporters the Artist exhibited her paintings in Espace Latino-Américain Chim Pump Callao in Caluire et Cuire few steps away from Île Barbe.

As she continues to grow as a painter, she plan to develop her ability to say more with colors.