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My Story

With a hopeful gaze towards the lens, I lean against the wall, every fiber of my being buzzing with the colorful optimism awaiting to burst forth onto my next canvas.

Flourishing from Cairo, Nahla discovered her long lost passion for art in 2017. Nahla found her passion after having lived abroad, carelessly moving from continent to continent while simultaneously grasping the beauty of Arabian, Latin and European culture, and capturing the essence of what it means to be a woman in each. 

Wherever she goes, she seeks out local culture, from contemporary gallery to a night on the town.

The brush to Nahla was a portal to a place where she merged the beauty of woman and culture, and the canvas was a world that was only governed by her aesthetic mind.The paintings Nahla has poured her heart and soul in are a celebration of femininity with all its positives and negatives. A celebration that knows no language yet could be understood by anyone who truly understands and appreciates the beauty of what it means to be a woman. 

Standing amidst the quaint charm of Old Lyon's narrow lanes, where I once timidly held a brush for the first time, I now stand with a heart brimming with colorful dreams and eyes that see a canvas in every corner.

A world that blends the darkest of colors to illuminate the power of woman and the brightest of colors to emphasize the agony of all the woman that suffered; a paradox that could only be appreciated through Nahla’s artworks. 

Holding these two oil canvases, my first ever, I can't help but smile at the beautiful journey they kickstarted, each stroke brimming with raw passion and a sprinkle of daring dreams.
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